Pointwest designed CenterPoint with transformation and reliability in mind.

Revolutionize how services are delivered using easy-to-implement workflows,
and help stakeholders track progress, simplify processes,
and boost efficiency in business operations.

Work becomes easier with CenterPoint.


Better service delivery

CenterPoint enables users to effectively manage requests through creative ways to monitor progress,
producing accurate results in delivery.

Versatile to adapt with anything

Workflows can be implemented based on desired processes to ensure that experience is seamless to accomplish tasks.

Access to meaningful data

CenterPoint generates insightful reports to make
data-driven decisions and ensure quality of work.

What's more with CenterPoint


Receive immediate notifications whenever pending tasks are delayed or left unprocessed.


Determine milestones on service requests to keep track of progress and service levels.

Knowledge Base

Attach and store files for painless search and viewing of needed information.

Task Board

Quickly navigate to the team’s assigned tasks and provide updates on completion.

Journal Updates

Track changes and collaborate with the team through productive communication.


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CenterPoint effectively manages services, obtains all insightful perspectives, and helps deliver results that matter for the business.

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With intuitive experience and accessible features, people can implement processes
and accomplish tasks efficiently.

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Following global service management standards, CenterPoint allows people
to customize workflows and ensure that each step of the process is measured
and accounted for.

Founded in 2003 by pioneers of the Philippine Global Sourcing industry, Pointwest creates value for its satisfied clients — including top Fortune 100 and local companies — with world-class IT and BPM services backed by international-standard methodologies
and innovative practices.

With leadership affirmed through the International ICT Awards’ Hall of Fame recognition for “Best Filipino-Owned Company,”
and excellence pronounced in extensive industry experience in financial services, healthcare, retail, supply chain and logistics, hospitality, utilities, media, and the public sector, Pointwest transforms businesses for the fourth industrial revolution
with digital offerings in Data Analytics, Process Automation (RPA), Experience Design, Blockchain, Cloud Consulting, Cybersecurity, and Omni-Channel Application Development.

In addition to our excellent solutions, Pointwest carries digital products for industries we serve, as well as the needs
for service management, disaster management, e-learning and events engagement.

Awards and Recognition
  • Hall of Fame, Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year Category (2016), International ICT Awards Philippines

  • Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year Award (2016), International ICT Awards Philippines

  • Winner, Outstanding Global Player (2016), National Export Congress

  • Best Filipino-owned Company of the Year Award (2015), International ICT Awards Philippines

  • Best Philippine Mobile App of the Year Award (2015), International ICT Awards Philippines

  • Finalist, Technology Company of the Year (2016), Asia CEO Awards

  • Silver Award, CSR Category for Arko (2015), ASEAN ICT Awards

Certification and Accreditation
  • Dual appraisals at CMMI Maturity Level 3 for both CMMI-Development v1.3 and CMMI-Services v1.3,
    becoming the first company in Southeast Asia to do so at the same time and only 3rd in Asia.


We’re glad at your interest in CenterPoint, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have on it. Just fill up the form with your contact information and questions. We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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