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Gain Visibility and Insights as You Automate Services Delivery

CenterPoint is a service management platform to manage any workflow-based process, so you know how a project is doing at any point in time.

"Give me a big enough lever and I will move the world."
-- Archimedes

Based on the globally-recognized CMMi for Services framework but configurable for any task or activity that you define, CenterPoint optimizes your work processes and empowers you to deliver efficiently, be at par with global standards, and continuously improve for customer satisfaction.

Workflows were never this faster, more efficient, and effective.


CenterPoint was created to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced work environment. Leveraging more than a decade of providing IT-BPM services to top Fortune 500 companies. Pointwest designed CenterPoint with customizable workflows, metrics monitoring and full transparency.

Tailored Service

CenterPoint can be easily configured for any work process.

Actionable Insights

CenterPoint generates performance metrics and reports to provide stakeholders with reliable data that helps ensure quality output.

Information Transparency

CenterPoint visually depicts an overview of active and delayed service requests for immediate visibility in operations.

It's all aboutPRODUCTIVITY

How it works

Ensuring Success through Optimization

Many projects fail or get delayed because of a lack of focus. Too many things can derail a team from achieving their objectives and milestones. Suddenly, the errors plus the additional work needed to correct them pile up and you find yourself delayed, over budget and nowhere close to finishing the work.

But when work is optimized, everyone is on page and getting to where they – and the project – need to be.

CenterPoint helps optimize workflows by ensuring that every step in the process is properly handled and accounted for. From the moment work is requested to feedback at every step of the process, Centerpoint makes sure that all stakeholders of a project are focused on what needs to be done when and where it needs to be done.

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01 work request

Everything begins with a client’s “service request.” Centerpoint starts helping optimize the work process starting from here by giving clients the ability to tailor and configure requests according to what they want.

02 work in progress

Centerpoint helps optimize the workflow by allowing stakeholders to monitor and impact every step of the process. From submission of work requests, to processing them, to executing plans, and then to reviewing and testing outcomes, CenterPoint gives its users many ways in which to see where the workflow can be improved or fixed, if need be.

03 service performance

CenterPoint’s high level of transparency allows stakeholders to give timely feedbacks on concerns, issues, risks, performance metrics and audit results. Knowing where a problem is allows for quicker response and addressing of these issues, ensuring that the work does not suffer from faults in the process.

"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." -- Bruce Lee

Get specific about your goals and keep them visible.

Team Pointwest


Pointwest is the top fully Filipino-owned IT-BPM company in the Philippines, providing IT services to top Philippine and Fortune 500 companies through its Delivery Centers in Manila and satellite offices in the United States.

Pointwest has deep domain expertise in transportation, logistics, healthcare, banking, media and the retail sector. It provides mobile, web development, cloud and enterprise IT development services and application integration services.

Pointwest has won numerous awards, including Best Filipino Company of the Year Award of the International ICT Awards for two straight years (2014 and 2015), the Innovation category in the 2014 ASEAN Business Awards Philippines, and recognition as one of the 50 leading companies for women in APEC.

Arko, a mobile app developed by Pointwest, won in the 2014 World Summit Awards for Mobile (WSAm). It was also judged Best Philippine Mobile App of the Year in the 2015 International ICT Awards.

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